I-Stem Webinar Series

Recent years has seen tremendus progress in accessibility research, and there has been some focus on making STEM accessible for the blind. However, this research community has been very fragmented and has not been able to reach the relevant stakeholders that can benefit from this research, particularly in developing countries such as India. To bridge this gap, I-Stem launched a webinar series that sought to bring together researchers from India and abroad, and connected them with the visually impaired community in India and other stakeholders in the sector. The objective was to create awareness about solutions that are already out there, while also helping researchers to get ideas from students by understanding the challenges that they face. Topics included experiences of blind math and science students, accessibility research (especially research aimed at improving math, science or computer science access), and other useful skills such as disability disclosure and self-advocacy.

The webinar series started 19th May and ended 25th August. Besides a live webinar every other Saturday, the show was also broadcasted on Radio Udaan the next Sunday. Nearly 600 people across the country heard the show every other week.


Date Topic Webinar audio/video Slides
Webinar1 (19th May) Introduction to I-Stem Webinar1 video
Webinar2 (2nd June) Tools, techniques and strategies for successful math and science Webinar2 video Webinar2 slides
Webinar3 (16th June) Assistech Lab at IIT Delhi and their research projects Webinar3 video Webinar3 slides
Webinar4 (30th June) IDATA project at Yerkes Observatory and their research projects Webinar4 video
Webinar5 (14th July) Technology for Emerging Markets Group at Microsoft Research India and their research projects Webinar5 video Webinar5 slides
Webinar6 (28th July) Inclusion and support system for students with disabilities in Indian universities Webinar6 video Ashoka University's presentation

XRCVC's presentation

Webinar7 (11th August) Successful blind and visually impaired professionals in tech Webinar7 video
Webinar8 (25th August) Infty project and their products Webinar8 video Webinar8 slides

What's Next?

We will be back with another set of informative webinars soon! Until then, join us in our other programs.

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