Volunteer with I-Stem

Are you passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech? Would you like to meet and work with outstanding students with disabilities from across the country? Are you excited about sharing your knowledge with upcoming tech talent? Do you want to develop technology that can empower people with disabilities? Let us know

I-Stem relies on the time and expertise of our volunteers to empower students with disabilities in STEM. Volunteers not only help us with a wide variety of direct services to the students (such as registering to read/write exams for students with disabilities, helping us convert material into accessible formats, helping us plan events etc.), but are extremely crucial part of several of our programs. Our technical training, fellowship and hackathon programs are impossible without the participation of our volunteers, as are several of our research projects. Often, volunteers bring excellent ideas that we then work with them to implement, thereby empowering people with disabilities.

If you are interested in volunteering, please complete our volunteer application and we will be in touch shortly. We are in particular currently looking for mentors for our technical training program and fellowship program.