Resources for Universities

Looking to provide a more welcoming and inclusive culture for your students? Interested in setting yourself apart as one of the very few universities in India that are truly disabled-friendly? Let's chat.

Resources for universities

We will not be able to achieve inclusion in STEM fields unless universities want to make this happen. We are excited that several universities are now embracing diversity, and want to change their policies and practices to become more accessible. Seven universities participated at our hackathon in January 2019, and it was great to see the passion of both participants (students with and without disabilities) and university representatives who joined us. Together, we are confident that we can make STEM more inclusive and accessible for all!

One of our key projects in 2019 is to develop a technology-powered accommodation management and delivery system for universities to enhance their processes for students with disabilities, and we would love to hear from you if you'd be interested to try it out and give us feedback. Further, while we work on this project, listen to some universities doing amazing work in India. We also invite you to join us in our events and programs such as the hackathon, fellowship program and advanced technical training program. You can get involved in various ways including encouraging your students with and without disabilities to participate and by encouraging your administration to attend our events to see inclusion in action. You may also schedule a call with our team to discuss inclusion at your university. With experience as students at some of the world's best universities, and as professionals managing disability resource centers, we will work with you to get started with disability services, or enhance your current offerings. Let us know