resources for Blind Students

Given our own challenges with math and science as students, we are commited to developing accessible resources to make it easier for you. Besides resources on this page, make sure to check out our other initiatives such as webinar series, hackathon and research projects that might be interesting to you.

Videos on math and science learning

Check out a set of videos made by us to educate you on different software and strategies for math and science learning on our Youtube channel. This contains a wide variety of videos focusing on reading and writing math, accessible programming IDEs, managing labs and managing rough work in math.

At the 2017 convention of the National Federation of the Blind in the United States, The NFB Science and Engineering Division organized a STEM tutorial. Click here to view podcasts from the tutorial. This covers several topics and software (including many that we discussed in our videos).

the Diagram Center, a Benetech initiative, regularly conducts webinars about accessible math, science and computer science. Check out their webinar page.

Math and science manuals

Check out a math and science report prepared by one of our core team members here. We are in the process of updating this manual.

thanks to the blindmath-gems project, the NFB has organized the archives of the popular Blindmath mailing list which has blind mathematicians and scientists from around the world. Check out the project here

Accessible content

We have compiled accessible math and science content from our members and the community. Let us know what you need by sending a quick email to, and we'll be in touch shortly. Soon, you will be able to download content directly from the web.

Online MOOCs

Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are becoming very popular these days. They allow you to learn from the comfort of your home and get certificates for your achievement. Several of our community members have successfully completed various courses on Coursera and EdX, and have found the experience to be accessible. Our members have also found several videos on Khan Academy to be accessible, particularly in mathematics. Join the Accessible MOOCs for Visuallly Impaired Facebook group for discussions on this topic. Note that this is a closed group and you will need to provide a valid justification for joining this group. Also consider joining our training program in case you would like to develop your skills in technology.

Notifications and circulars about math and science education in India

Visit our advocacy page for recent circulars and notifications about math and science education in the country.

International education

Thinking about studying abroad? Want to understand how the process works for international students with disabilities? Our co-founder, Kartik Sawhney, did a show on this topic with Radio Udaan. Listen to the Youtube recording. As always, let us know if you have any questions.

mailing lists

Besides joining the I-Stem community, we recommend joining these mailing lists to ask questions from blind scientists around the world.

Want to brush up basic math?

We understand that several students are unfortunately denied the option of studying math and science after the 8th class, and several others are not taught vital concepts at school such as geometry. However, if you are determined to learn these concepts, we are here to help. Download Math Review from the Educational Testing Service website. This book is intended to guide GRE aspirants, but can be used as a great resource for learning math from scratch. Plus, this is completely accessible and includes verbal descriptions of images. You can also request a Braille supplement with tactile graphics by requesting it directly through the Educational Testing Service by emailing them at at no cost to you.

Other videos