I-Stem Internship Program

During the first I-Stem hackathon in january 2018, it was amazing to witness near-complete projects with significant impact. Even more powerful was the strong connections that many blind developers formed with industry professionals. To take this forward, I-Stem launched the I-Stem Internship Program where blind tech students are matched with a mentor (blind or sighted) for 8-10 weeks, working on real-world techical projects. The I-Stem team helps to provide accessible resources that the student might need to work on the project.

Who is eligible?

Any student who is blind or visually impaired enrolled in a computer science or closely related program (e.g. B.Tech, BCA, B.Sc/M.Sc etc), or anyone who is desirous of pursuing computer science in the future, is eligible as an intern. Any professional working as a software developer or in a closely related field (such as engineering manager, data scientist, machine learning scientist, technical project manager etc) is eligible as a mentor

What kind of projects are eligible?

There are no restrictions in terms of projects. Additionally, I-Stem will reach out to interns and mentors for their preferences before matching interns to mentors.

How can I get involved?

Applications for summer 2018 internships have closed. Check back later for next cycle.