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We envisage the I-STEM community to be a group that acts as a support network to its members at different stages of their STEM journey. We also aim to build it up as a resource network for creating accessible solutions in the space and also leverage its power to advocate for the much needed legal and mindset shifts.

We are inviting you to join one or more of our 4 clubs which you feel are most applicable to you.

  • I-STEM Juniors: Meant for young school students with blindness and low vision (5th-12th Std.) interested in anything to do with math and science. Don't get worried with what your parents or teachers might tell you about you not being able to do this or it's difficult and you will miss marks. If you like it, it's the right reason to do it! I STEM junior can be your space to connect with other students and also get mentorship from I-STEM Core team.
  • I-STEM Youth: Meant for students pursuing higher education STEM careers: You made a choice to pursue STEM Education and now have to face the music of lack of resources? Together we can make it better. Co-sharing of accessible content, or just needing to talk about that one more day of people questioning your choice can go a long way in making you stay grounded on your journey to pursue your passion.
  • I-STEM Mentors: Meant for persons with blindness and low vision working in STEM careers. You've seen through the education and thought the big hurdle was over. STEM careers have their unique at work challenges. I STEM Mentors is envisaged as a group that can work together to find solutions for accessibility challenges at work, the network where I-STEM Youth can reach out for career guidance and a group that can lead technology solutions for accessibility.
  • I-STEM Friends: Meant for anyone - corporates, educators, scientists (Blind or sighted) keen on working at accessibility and inclusion with a keen interests in STEM accessibility. Inclusion is about partnerships. Just as the saying of the disability rights movement goes - "Nothing for us without us", the reverse of that is also true - "Nothing for us only by us". No group lives and works in isolation and inclusive STEM is only possible with lasting partnerships and collaborations with the sighted community as well. This group aims to be that space.

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